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Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
range of issues from energy to climate change and we look forward to working with mexico not only on regional issues but also on global issues. >> we also share a very important vision, a vision of creating more jobs. we know this is very important not only for the american people but also for the mexican people. for both our nations. but not only that, we also have the opportunity to integrate north america to be participating in this part of the world. >> suarez: their most immediate challenge may be the surge of drug violence in recent years. outgoing mexican president calderon wage war on the cartels at a cost of 60,000 dead over six years. but last summer, pena nieto told the newshour's margaret warner there has to be a better way. >> it is very clear after several years of this fight on drug trafficking we have more drug consumption and drug use and drug trafficking. that means we're not moving in the right direction. things are not working. i'm not saying that we should legalize it. it's exactly the opposite. i'm against legalization. but with the countries in the hem fear
Nov 22, 2012 3:00pm PST
you energy. that's kind of how it is. i think i could always want more, but i'm completely satisfied right now. i could be completely satisfied for the rest of my life if i had to. >> at first i was, like, a basket case. i was just, like, shaking and pacing back and forth, and i had butterflies in my stomach. you look out into this huge expanse of a full broadway stage house, with a full audience. but then right before i went on, i just took a deep breath, and i was like, "you know what? just do it, be yourself." ♪ you've got to know just what to say and how to say it ♪ you've got to know what game to play and how to play it ♪ you've got to stack those decks... ♪ it's actually really funny, because i am nothing like lola at all. i'm definitely not a seductress. ♪ in all the right places... i'm definitely more of the shy math nerd. so donning that corset and suddenly being in command of every man in the room was definitely a shift. ♪ ...the prince of wales it's no great art ♪ getting the heart of a man on a silver platter ♪ a little brains a little talent ♪ with an e
Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
the energy and kept the support among young voters where it counted. >> suarez: when we try to slice and dice the electorate, is there really a youth vote? every youth is something else? they come from their region, come from their state, educate or not, high income, low income. is a youth voter more like another youth voters than other catholics, other southerners? >> it's true. this is a diverse generation. baby boomers were characterized as something. they're very diverse. all the generations have differences, but this generation really has a character that showed up early on, even before obama came into the scene and energized people. in the 2004 election this was an engaged electorate that was already showing its democratic leanings and that's not just about personality. it's about substance. they have somewhat different values about what they prioritize and what they think the government should be doing. this is the one age group that wants the government to be more, whereas all the older age groups want the government to get out of their hair. this is the one generation that backs the
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)